What is the impact of Bitcoin on the future of banking?

Note: Lab is on April 10th (Thursday)

You are invited to the inaugural Impact Lab event hosted by the Beeck Center at Georgetown University. 

Impact Labs strive to bring together an interdisciplinary group of faculty, students, staff, practitioners (alumni), and thought-leaders to engage in a workshop focused on a rapidly transforming industry or sector.

This Impact Lab will feature Staci Warden, Executive Director of the Center for Financial Markets at the Milken Institute, who will talk about Bitcoin and the potential impact it might have on the global financial services industry. The conversation will be moderated by Sonal Shah, Executive Director of the Beeck Center.

We hope to spark unlikely conversations and inspire participants to think about a certain topic in a new light.

6:00 p.m. - Refreshments & "Unlikely Conversations"
6:30 p.m. - Understanding Bitcoin (led by Staci Warden)
6:50 p.m. - Discussion: What is the Impact of Bitcoin? (moderated by Sonal Shah)
7:20 p.m. - Takeaways & Reflections
7:30 p.m. Close 

This event is invite-only and has limited capacity. 
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